i)   Taxation  -


        In exercise of powers conferred under Section 66 of the Cantonments Act,2006, the Government

        has imposed the following taxes  :


                -        Property Tax

                -        Conservancy Tax

                -        Entertainment Tax


       Note -  Relevant notification containing the rates of taxes may be seen

                  by clicking Notification.


For the convenience of the general public, the taxes, demand and collection registers are made

available on line.


           ii)  Service Charges  -


In lieu of the Property Tax recovered from the residents of the Cantonment,the Government is

liable to pay the service charges in respect of the Government buildings situated within

the Cantonment limits.


The service charges payable by various Government bodies are as under :



Name of the Agency

Service Charges payable


Ammunition Factory



Railway Authorities



Post Office



Telecom Department






Note: Ammunition Factory and Railway authorities are not paying any

 service charges to the Cantonment Board.



             iii) Land  :


In the Cantonment Land Administration Rules, 1937, the land within the Cantonment is classified

as under :


                      S.No.  Class of land   Description                


                       1.           A-1          Land under the occupation of Armed Forces


                       2.           A-2          Land not actually used/occupied by Armed Forces but reserved for


                       3.           B-1          Land in occupation of any Central Government Department other than

                                                     Defence Department


                       4.           B-2          Land in occupation of State Government


                       5.           B-3          Defence land held by any individual under lease or under old grant .


                       6.           B-4          Vacant land placed either under the management of Defence Estates 

                                                     Officer or the Cantonment Board.


                       7.           C             Land under the management Cantonment Board.


              Note :   For the convenience of the general public, the General Land

                          Register containing the names of lessees/Holders of Occupancy

                          Rights and other details are available on line.

                          Search on the basis of House No.


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