1.1    Prohibition to construction without sanction: No person shall carry out any erection, re-erection, additions or alterations to any building or cause the same without obtaining a separate building sanction for such building from the Board or the Executive Officer as the case may be. Also obtain a commencement certificate from the Executive Officer thereafter. (Refer Section 179 of Cantonment Act 1924 duly amended).

1.2     NOTICE UNDER SECTION 179 OF THE CANTONMENTS ACT 1924 (DULY AMENDED): Every person who intends to erect or re-erect or make additions or alterations in any place in a building shall give notice in writing to the Executive Officer or Board of his intentions in the prescribed form and such notice shall be accompanied by plans and statements in requisite copies, along with a sum of Rs.1, 000/- towards scrutiny charges to be paid in cash or Demand Draft in the favour of the Cantonment Executive Officer, Cantonment Board Kirkee.

1.3     After due scrutiny of the building plans the applicant shall be required to pay the development charges @:
(a) Rs.Five per sq.ft.of proposed built up area for residential area.
(b) Rs.Ten per sq.ft of proposed built up area for commercial area.

1.4     The plan may be ordinary prints on ferro paper azolite ammonia or any other type. Two sets of such plans shall be retained in the office of the Board for record after the issue of sanction or a refusal.

1.5     Normally three copies of the plan and the statement shall be made available along with the notice for the buildings located inside the civil area and four copies for the building located outside the civil area.

1.6     In case of the building schemes where the clearance is required from other authorities number of the copies of the plans required shall be decided by the Executive Officer.

1.7     Period for completion of the building: The erection or the re-erection of a building should be completed within a period of one year from the date of its commencement. The work should commence within a period of one year from the date of issue of sanction otherwise the sanction issued will be treated as cancelled. In case of non-completion of a building within one year from the date of commencement, one extension of one year may be granted by the Cantonment Executive Officer or the Board as the case may be under Section 183-A of the Cantonment Act 1924 (duly amended) on merits.

In exceptional cases another extension of one year, may be granted on merits. No building erected or re-erected shall not be occupied before obtaining a completion certificate from the Cantonment Executive Officer. If the building is occupied without getting a completion certificate, the occupancy will be treated as un-authorised and the occupant shall be punishable as per the provision of the Byelaws.



Applicable Sections of Cantonment Act 1924,duly amended

Section 179

Section 180

Section 181

Section 181-A

Section 184

Section 185

Section 186

Section 191

Section 194

Section 256

Section 274

General Scheme (F.S.I.) Sanction by the GOC-IN C, SC Dated 26TH March 1984.

Revised Land Policy Framed by Govt.of India, MOD. Dated 9TH February 1995.