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The registration of births and deaths in the Cantonment area is governed by the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 and Maharashtra Registration of Births and Deaths Rules, 2000. The Chief Executive Officer is the registrar of births and deaths in the Cantonment Area.

Reports on Births and Deaths taking place in the Military Hospital (MH), Dr.B.A.C.G.H. and other private hospitals are received every month of which entries are regularly made in the registers maintained therefore in the Kirkee Cantonment Board office. Births and Deaths taking place at homes or places other than the said hospitals are registered on receipt of information respectively in Form No.I and II for Births and Deaths containing the name, relevant date and other information.

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For issuing Birth and Death Certificate, The Kirkee Cantonment Board charges a nominal fee of Rs.40/- if the Certificate is applied for and obtained after one year. If the same is applied for and obtained within one year the same is issued free of cost. In case the registration of the Births and Deaths is applied for after the expiry of 15 years from the date of such occurrence the same shall be entered in the registers after recovering composition fee @ Rs.5/- per year.

Description Revised Rates w.e.f.01 Oct.2013
Birth / Death Certificate Rs.40/- each certificate
Tatkal Birth / Death Certificate (within 01 day) Rs.75/- each certificate
Search Fee Rs.25/- each certificate
Non Availability Certificate
(NAC letter)
Rs.15/- each

For verification of registration the registers of Birth and Death are available online.


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